Luciton is a virtual reality software company dedicated to helping you pursue what you care about.

We partner with health care providers, educators, and mental health professionals to immerse people into environments of healing and learning.

Virtual reality allows caregivers to control every variable of the users’ experience. For example, our developer Marc created an educational tool to help kids with learning disabilities. Children learn how to safely cross a busy street by engaging with a world tailored to their needs.

The child enters a realistic, interactive city with a crosswalk, functioning traffic lights, and moving cars. He/she is free to explore and play, but must push the crosswalk button and wait for cars to stop before proceeding to cross the street on foot.

The virtual city is realistic enough to educate the child, but not so overwhelmingly realistic that the child is distracted by the sights and sounds of a real-life city.

Variables like images and sounds are adjusted to provide the ideal learning environment for the user; in this case a child with autism or ADHD.

We design realistic healing environments to compliment almost any  psychotherapeutic treatment such as: exposure therapy, EMDR, CBT, and ACT. Our projects and claims are evidence-based only and we seek new relationships and partnerships with medical and research professionals and institutions.

We are currently interviewing licensed therapists who work with patients of all ages who have behavioral or mental health issues, or with severe learning disabilities.

We want to hear your story, what’s working for you, and what’s not working for you. With our help you can reach patients or students through total immersion; a new modality that compliments your existing practice.

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