Luciton is Mixed Reality for Visions that Matter

Interactive digital media for Science and Technology

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Enterprise Solutions

We build AR and VR training programs to decrease training costs, and to increase knowledge transfer between skilled workers and new hires. It’s a standardized, audit-able, hands-on solution for teaching procedures compliant with CLIA, OSHA, GMP, and GLP.

Sales, Marketing, Promotion

We create digital content to help your customers experience your products in a whole new way. Interactive 3D experiences increase customer engagement and increase understanding of your offering. People buy what they understand.

Therapeutic Entertainment

Our passion is helping those in need. In 2018 we completed a paid pilot program for a large private company that operates luxury assisted living facilities. We learned that Virtual Reality (VR) Entertainment can alleviate effects of depression, loneliness, and social isolation in older adults. In 2019 we plan to spin out a company focused exclusively on addressing elderly health using digital technology.


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Sales and Marketing

Why should Luciton Mixed Reality be incorporated into your sales and marketing strategy?

1. Shorter Sales Cycle

AR can help you shorten your sales cycle in a big way. Product images and descriptions in a brochure can’t tell the whole story. AR helps customers understand hidden features and processes so they can make purchases quickly and confidently

2. Reduced Costs

Virtual product demonstrations can reduce the costs associated with developing sales support materials. When your customer experiences your product virtually and decides to buy, your travel and shipping costs are reduced.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Interacting with your products through AR and VR helps your customers know exactly what they’re ordering. This improves satisfaction, especially for engineered-to-order products like custom laboratory automation hardware solutions. You can deliver the exact product each customer wants perfectly each time because the customer has already explored the virtual product.

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Our Process

Planning & Design 

It all starts with your business need and your vision. We’ll perform additional market and user research, unlocking the key insights that will solve your need and help your product and brand stand out from the crowd.



By leveraging the latest techniques and technologies, our expert developers will create high-performance virtual experiences and back-end solutions for your business needs.



Our dedicated team integrates the virtual product with your company’s people and processes, and executes in-house QA testing, ensuring that every pixel and interaction is perfect.

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Mixed Reality for Visions that Matter